Cover update


Below is the final version of the cover. I hope to publish Deception sometime late March, and the notion that I’ll soon hold my own book in my hands is so powerful it nearly kicks the air out of my lungs. It’s something that drags me out of bed when it’s still dark; it makes me rush through breakfast and start rewriting and editing until the text blurs before my eyes.

Most fiction authors would probably agree that intensive writing makes the lives of your characters take over your own life. And indie publishing makes you forget that such a thing as life ever existed.

At times I feel like I’ve got three jobs. I’m a writer in the mornings; in the afternoons I’m an English teacher (which is, sadly, the only thing that pays right now); and in the evenings I’m a PR officer promoting his book on social media.

But to me, this is the most satisfying period of my life.


full cover

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