Deception of the Damned—a fairy tale with a sex change?


Author and blogger Doreen Lucky has recently surprised me by her request for an interview. Since I used to be a nosy reporter, landing on the answering side was like trying on a pair of high heels. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience, and even though I might have stumbled I’m posting the link here:

If you actually happen to read it, you might wonder at my introducing DECEPTION OF THE DAMNED as a dark, Sleeping Beauty-meets-Faust fairy tale. Trust me, it sounds a bit weird to me as well.

It was my editor who suggested that my upcoming novel is almost a dark version of Sleeping Beauty, and that it should be marketed as such because people love fairy tale retellings. Honestly, I’d have never even thought of that. There is a parallel, though, as both stories have a lingering soul trapped among the walls of an overgrown castle, waiting for a rescuer. In Deception, however, the unfortunate prisoner has a long beard and weakness for alchemy while the rescuer—or a wannabe rescuer—is a woman running from outlaw bikers.

The alchemist ended up at the castle after a botched deal with a fiend, hence the bizarre Sleeping Beauty and Faust matrimony. Anyway, weirder things have been done to draw an audience, so I hope this little slice of cheesiness won’t be that hard to digest.

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