Deception of the Damned on Amazon!


Yes, my fantasy novel is finally live, and it’s already kicking up some awesome reviews, which makes me feel like a kid under a Christmas tree. To celebrate the tough but joyful birth of my first brainchild, I’m letting it go for just $2.99. This offer won’t last, though, so why don’t you get your copy today? You can do so by clicking HERE

To make extra sure that Deception of the Damned is the right book for you, please check the blurb below:

An absent-minded dreamer, Hrot feels miserable in his primitive times—so he sells his soul in exchange for a decade in Renaissance Prague. There he dabs in occult studies in a desperate attempt to sneak out of the deal.

Four centuries later, young reporter Jasmin Bierce leaves Alaska for Europe to avenge the death of her husband. Facing more enemies than she expected, her quest for revenge turns into a flight for her life. As she stumbles into the ruins of a medieval castle, she meets an immortal specter who calls himself…Hrot.

Although he saves her skin, Hrot unwillingly drags her soul into a pact with the fiend who cursed him. The fiend makes her husband’s killers look like a flock of doves—but Jasmin’s heart is awakening to Hrot’s devotion, and she travels in time and skirts infernal dominions to save him.

If she ever wants to break their curse, however, she must succeed where Hrot failed: she has to outwit the Emissary of the Otherworld.

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Deception of the Damned is coming to YouTube!


I’ve created a trailer as part of my feverish preparations for the book launch next month. Even though I’m a barbarian when it comes to modern technology, the process was surprisingly painless and the result quite pleasing—at least to my innocent eye. It also gave me an excuse to contact the legendary Morbid Angel to ask for permission to use one of their tracks, which they promptly granted. If only every other aspect of the self-publishing circus was this easy and joyful!

You can watch the trailer here.

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Deception of the Damned—a fairy tale with a sex change?


Author and blogger Doreen Lucky has recently surprised me by her request for an interview. Since I used to be a nosy reporter, landing on the answering side was like trying on a pair of high heels. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience, and even though I might have stumbled I’m posting the link here:

If you actually happen to read it, you might wonder at my introducing DECEPTION OF THE DAMNED as a dark, Sleeping Beauty-meets-Faust fairy tale. Trust me, it sounds a bit weird to me as well.

It was my editor who suggested that my upcoming novel is almost a dark version of Sleeping Beauty, and that it should be marketed as such because people love fairy tale retellings. Honestly, I’d have never even thought of that. There is a parallel, though, as both stories have a lingering soul trapped among the walls of an overgrown castle, waiting for a rescuer. In Deception, however, the unfortunate prisoner has a long beard and weakness for alchemy while the rescuer—or a wannabe rescuer—is a woman running from outlaw bikers.

The alchemist ended up at the castle after a botched deal with a fiend, hence the bizarre Sleeping Beauty and Faust matrimony. Anyway, weirder things have been done to draw an audience, so I hope this little slice of cheesiness won’t be that hard to digest.

Cover update


Below is the final version of the cover. I hope to publish Deception sometime late March, and the notion that I’ll soon hold my own book in my hands is so powerful it nearly kicks the air out of my lungs. It’s something that drags me out of bed when it’s still dark; it makes me rush through breakfast and start rewriting and editing until the text blurs before my eyes.

Most fiction authors would probably agree that intensive writing makes the lives of your characters take over your own life. And indie publishing makes you forget that such a thing as life ever existed.

At times I feel like I’ve got three jobs. I’m a writer in the mornings; in the afternoons I’m an English teacher (which is, sadly, the only thing that pays right now); and in the evenings I’m a PR officer promoting his book on social media.

But to me, this is the most satisfying period of my life.


full cover

Deception of the Damned coming soon!


I’m thrilled to announce that the final draft of the novel is now with my editor, Andrea Lundgren. Andjela K. has already finished the front cover, and I just need to add the blurb for the back. If everything goes well, the novel will be on the market sometime early next spring. I’d like to thank R.K. Lander (author of the Silvan Series) for her patience in guiding me through the intricate indie publishing process.




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