Following his intrusion into the ritual site of a sinister Persian god, a cheerful philanthropist battles the powers he has awakened–along with his sudden homicidal urges.
Coming out in autumn 2019.
A deathless warrior chases an evil shamaness throughout the world and centuries to protect the human race, which she is bound to annihilate.
Coming out in 2020.
A betrayed wife tackles an ancient Egyptian deity in a desperate attempt to rescue her husband and prevent a global pandemic.
Coming out in 2020.



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     A clumsy, absent-minded dreamer, Hrot fits badly in his primitive, clannish times. Dying for respect and recognition, he pledges his soul to an antlered fiend from his nightmares in exchange for a decade in Renaissance Prague. There he dabs in occult studies in a desperate attempt to sneak out of the deal.

     Four centuries later, young reporter Jasmin Bierce leaves Alaska for Europe to avenge the death of her husband. Facing more enemies than she expected, her quest for revenge turns into a flight for her life. As she stumbles into the ruins of a medieval castle, she meets an immortal specter who calls himself…Hrot.

     Although he saves her skin, Hrot unwillingly drags her soul into a pact with the fiend who cursed him. The fiend makes her husband’s killers look like a flock of doves—but Jasmin’s heart is awakening to Hrot’s devotion, and she travels in time and skirts infernal dominions to save him.

     If she ever wants to break their curse, however, she must succeed where Hrot failed: she has to outwit the Emissary of the Otherworld.

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