Coming out this summer…    

Following his intrusion into the ritual site of a sinister Persian god, a cheerful philanthropist battles the powers he has awakened — along with his sudden homicidal urges.

     Brave and good-hearted, Braze Wilson prevents a murder. Then he becomes such a fiend that he wishes he hadn’t.
     The incident helps him meet the bewitching Mehpare Eroglu, and he dreams about her ever after. What invades his sleep even more often, though, is a lifeless valley in Southern Turkey, which the victim named just before the attack. When Braze and Mehpare descend there to find a ruined temple, they realize that Orpagus isn’t as empty as it looks.
     An infernal deity still lingers in the depths below the ruin, and his immortal priest keeps him alive with gory rites. But the demon doesn’t live on blood alone. He also thrives on lust, wrath, and revenge—and he deems a swift ritual death too merciful for the intruders. Although he lets them free, he warps their mind beyond repair. He fans and exploits their lowest instincts in the hope that they would bring him the highest sacrifice.
     Will Braze or Mehpare find enough strength to defy him? Can either of them win back their souls and sanity? Find out this summer on Amazon.