A thrill ride from the Celtic past to the uncertain future. The first installment, Celts and the Mad Goddess, is coming out in 2020: 

She wiped out the Neanderthals. Now she’s got the Celts in her sight. But at least one of them will fight back.

When Garux falls for Arvasia, he ignites her sister Rawena’s jealousy—which allows the Goddess Pestilencia to burrow into their lives.
The vicious rat-goddess longs to unleash a plague on her natural enemy: humans. She wants the jealous Rawena to bring the virus into Garux’s tribe.
Love, fear, and resentment rip through Rawena’s soul; Pestilencia’s demand drags her towards madness.
Pestilencia plans to curse Garux with immortality so he will forever witness her work of destruction. The plague would wreck the tribe and spread its murderous claws beyond the town walls. Garux’s biggest fear, though, is it would kill his Arvasia.
Will he break the curse, disarm Rawena, and banish Pestilencia back to her swampy realm—all while trying to repel an invading horde? Find out in September on Amazon.  

Coming in 2021: Celts and the Gladiator.