Book One of The Deathless Chronicle. Available for preorder June 21st. 

    She wiped out all the ancient human species. Now she’s turned her wrath toward us. But the Celts will fight back.

    The Goddess Pandemia schemes to unleash a plague on her mortal enemy: humans. She finds the perfect tool in Rawena, a Celtic girl running from an invading army.

    When Rawena’s friend Garux tries to intervene, the goddess wraps her claws around his soul.

    Facing mortal and immortal adversaries, Garux turns to his betrothed, Rawena’s younger sister Arvasia, to help him defy Pandemia.

    Will they prevent an outbreak that would annihilate their tribe? Find out this September on Amazon.


    Coming in 2021: Celts and the Gladiator.